core technology

Core technology advantage

Full digital
brushless DC servo
motor technology

core component

    Passenger passing control board (passing logic software)
  • Self-designed passenger passing control board and passing logic software With international advanced level, the following index can reach up to 20CM.
  • The passing algorithm and sensor layout can be customized.
  • Carry out joint research with famous universities in China to realize the continuous optimization of core algorithm.
    Dc brushless torque servo motor

    Dc brushless torque servo motor with low noise, fast heat dissipation and overload capacity.Replace mechanical commutator with electronic commutator, without wear and periodic maintenance.

    Intelligent Drive

    Select the embedded DSP processor and greatly reduce the power consumption of the system.Combined with encoder location feedback,Precise drive motor.Responds to GCU instruction to open, close, and lock the door mechanism.

  • Precise control of Gate wings movement
  • Precise control of the contact force between the Gate wings and the passenger
  • When the door mechanism in a closedstate encounters an external force and force open the Gate wings ,the force can be adjusted;
  • Overpressure, overflows, overtemperature protection;
  • Motor fault monitoring, failure report, fault recovery
    Working principle

    CTP series flap door mechanism consists of passenger passing control board (GCU), coordination control module (CCM), drive (MDC), dc brushless torque servo motor, encoder and electromagnetic brake.The coordination control module (CCM) receives the GCU control signal and sends the control signal resolution to the MDC, the MDC control motor and the electromagnetic brake to drive or lock the Gate wings.